Poey's Secret Santa Gift Guide!

Hey y’all!

I’m Poey. Big toy collector and Blue Beetle fan boy! Action figures in general are always an easy choice, but here are some more specific gift ideas.


Stuff I Like:

1. 90's Marvel figures from Toybiz are always good, especially X-Men stuff!

2. Transformers are also always good!

3. Gundam! Model kits specifically are cool!

4. T-shirts are fine! I wear an Adult Large.

5. Power Rangers stuff is fun too!

6. Trade paper backs or graphic novels are also cool! Marvel or DC stuff is preferred but surprise me!


7. Tamiya Acrylic Paints!

8. Star Trek or Star Wars stuff!

9. Simpsons stuff!

10. Books are also cool too, fiction or poetry are excellent!

Stuff to Avoid:

1. Physical media

2. Posters or hangable stuff; I don’t have the space anymore!

I have a small Amazon wish list as well if you’re stuck. Thanks y’all!!!!


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